Welcome to Behoff Photo.

I have been taking photographs since I was twelve years old. Let's just say that is a long time!

While I have been shooting professionally for about ten years, I am at heart an inspired amateur - I love photography, and approach every job with the objective to create art, not just to shoot a likeness of you. An image to make the viewer smile, then, a moment later, still with a smile, say "yeah, THAT's Joe!"

I have a studio in Glens Falls, which gives me more flexibility than most photographers. I shoot in natural light of course, and while natural light is beautiful and is perfect for certain situations, a studio offers additional options that work better for others. Part of the studio is also arranged to take advantage of the natural light from two large windows. I can offer you the best photographic options for your portrait. In addition, the halls and grounds of the Shirt Factory can make for their own backdrops in natural light!

I am always learning, and I hope never to stop learning about photography! I have studied at the International Center of Photography. I get inspiration from masters such as Steiglitz, Weston, and Man Ray, as well as innovators like Annie Leibowitz and Richard Avedon, as well as newer creators such as Francesca Woodman. I study peoples' portfolios on Flickr and 1X, and keep a set of inspirations on Pinterest that I adapt for my own work.

Come see how I can bring out your unique personality in our next shoot!

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